Burger Critic

Kenneth Meyer

Burger Critic


The infamous Burger Critic, Kenneth Meyer, takes on the World of Burgers!


The United States are famously known for their amazing burgers and plentiful fast food establishments which chatter across the country. Littering every corner of the world, lies hidden gold mines. Only the bravest people can embark on such a journey to gorge upon the best and the worst burgers on the planet. Kenneth Meyer swore to eat every single burger on the planet and put them into a battle royale to determine which burger is objectively the best.


Just like all Burgers, they are only complete by the legendary Sides and Drinks that may come along with Burgers. Burger Critic has also opened up to sides, drinks, and some other types of sandwiches like Tacos or Hotdogs. 


If you wish to continue and check out his entire journey, you may check out his youtube channel here, but if you wish to read an SHSMEDIA exclusive review then continue down this article: Burger Critic – YouTube


Denny’s Slamburger™


The Denny’s Slamburger™ is carefully crafted with a beef patty with egg, cheese, hash browns, and bacon as toppings. You are offered to order onion rings and avocados as well but are optional. You may also change how your egg, beef patty, and bacon is prepared. Although I was sad to discover that an Impossible™ patty is not offered when ordering online and may not be available in person either. But I was glad to find out that the Slamburger™ is actually a slam! The burger is quite good, not soggy like most burgers, and fills you up nicely with your fries. The buns are toasted lightly which is a nice touch to make it crunchy. Overall on the tier list I’d have to list the burger as an A+ or a 90/100. The burger is overall extremely good at every angle you can take it, with the small downsides being the small limitations with toppings and a missing vegan option. 


KFC Classic and Spicy Chicken Sandwich


The KFC Classic Chicken Sandwiches are your standard chicken sandwich, only having mayonnaise and pickles as toppings, and the mayonnaise is replaced with a spicy mayonnaise-like sauce when ordering the spicy version of the chicken sandwich. The buns are moist and neatly soaked with a thick creamy mayonnaise. The chicken is usually always extremely crispy and crunchy. The spicy chicken sandwich is very noticeable, the spiciness is quite potent. You can order the chicken sandwich with biscuits, fries, cookies, or even more chicken. However, it is impossible to change the toppings on the chicken sandwich online and every time I’ve asked for a topping change in person at a restaurant, it was unavailable. I’ve ordered about six chicken sandwiches during the past year and half were undercooked, as well as chicken ordered from different parts of the menu. I have cooked chicken myself and I find it easier to cook than ramen noodles. I don’t entirely understand what might cause the chicken sandwiches to consistently come out like this; either a time limit, or management issues, I truly don’t know. The chicken sandwich on the tier list is at a C- or a 44/100.


In-N-Out Burger Hamburger


In-N-Out Burger is a fast food restaurant that only sells burgers and fries, so a perfect place for the Burger Critic, right? Well you’d be right, the Burger Critic promised that he would travel across the country in search for the best burgers and In-N-Out Burger has no location in Oregon so he had to travel to Vancouver, Washington to find the legendary and the infamous; In-N-Out Burger burger. The burger comes with every classic topping and a special sauce probably mixed with mayonnaise and a secret ingredient, which tastes pretty great actually. The burger patty is thick and juicy, the onions were cooked, and the fries that came with it were gigantic. Surprisingly cheap for something so high quality. I would rate this burger with a 77/100 with a tier list ranking of B.


McDonald’s Large Sprite


The legendary fast food chain known for some of the greatest memes and food that all children from across the generations can relate to, is the unbreakable and unmoveable drink which sends shivers down your spine and straight concentrated pure dopamine to the far reaches of your soul and your brain. The taste of Sprite enhances your very being and strengthens your bond with your ancestors and future generations. McDonald’s Sprite hits you way differently than any scientifically enhanced drug can ever muster, no sense of world changing achievement can ever reach the heights of humanity as the moment Sprite tingles your taste buds. You’ll never want to drink another soda again as nothing can mount to the flavor that Sprite can give. Sprite was given by the titans of the universe as a gift for humans to possibly share a small percentage of their power to us mortals. Even Ultra-Instinct Shaggy has to use 2% of his power to match that of Sprite, being the only being to ever stand a chance against 2% Shaggy. I rate it a 77 + 33 = 110 with an S+ tier.