SHS Graduation 2021


Hannah Coleman

It’s that time of the year again, it’s Graduation time!! We are all so proud of our graduating Millers! 

Here are some details about graduation that you don’t want to miss. 

Graduation dates: Saturday, June 5th AND Sunday, June 6th. The in-person graduation ceremony will be in the SHS Auditorium.

Seniors will walk in pairs – each pair has about 4 minutes to walk on to the stage when their names are called, receive their diplomas, pose for some pictures, and then exit the auditorium with family members. Seniors will be assigned a walking time.

Seniors may choose their walking partner – or be assigned randomly. You can only choose one other person. There will be no trios, groups of four, or singular individuals. Students who wish to choose their walking partner must see Mrs. Ellis in the counseling office no later than Tuesday, May 18th. You must physically come into the counseling office. If you don’t communicate a walking partner, you will be paired to another random senior. 

Graduating seniors will be given 8 grad tickets – to bring family and/or friends to accompany them into the auditorium during their assigned graduation time. That’s up to eight people, no more than eight please.

Seniors will be assigned a specific day and time by the administration. Your day and time will be assigned – Saturday OR Sunday between 12:00pm – 7:00pm. Assignment times will be put together randomly and they will be put together after seniors have been given a chance to choose a partner. If you have a conflict with your assigned day and time that cannot be adjusted, you’re going to email Mr. da Silva directly and he will try his best to accommodate whatever the discrepancy is. Please don’t give a time you want up-front. That’s not how things are going to be done. 

Students wishing to give a speech at graduation, you must connect with Mrs. Baltimore in the english department as soon as possible. She is going to be in charge of student speeches. Your speech must be submitted to her no later than Wednesday, May 19th. She will give you the details on what the speech needs to be and how long and how many speeches are going to be available for the graduation ceremony.