Welcome to the SHS Media Site!

Alex Bakker

Welcome to the new SHS Media site! This article is meant to help guide you through the website and help figure out each feature.


We’ll start off by looking at the front page. The front page of the website showcases the most recent articles, along with the social media pages of Springfield High School in the top left. Clicking each one will redirect you to Springfield High School’s media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. On the sidebar, there are also polls and videos you can look at.


The first tab that we will be looking at is the SHS News tab. The SHS News Tab contains all of the SHS News videos that have been posted. You can check this tab and view these videos at any time!


The second tab that we will be looking at is the A&E (Arts & Entertainment) category. This tab will contain various creations such as drawings, videos, podcasts, and more made by students!


Next, we’ll look at the Multimedia tab. The Multimedia tab contains videos, photos, and podcasts made by students around Springfield High School. They are all contained here and you can view them at any time by clicking on the tab.


Another tab is the About tab, which contains the Staff page. This page will show the staff at Springfield High School, so you can contact them at any time.


There is also a Scores and Schedules tab, which contains information about sports around the school. Here, you can see upcoming sports events and matches, along with match scores. It is updated quite often so keep an eye out!


Finally, the SHS Media site has the Publications tab, which contains articles from Sonder, Back Country Review, and Sentinal. All of these articles can be viewed by hovering over the Publications tab and clicking on the corresponding magazine.


After reading this article, you should now be able to navigate the SHS Media site with confidence and know where you need to go. If you ever forget where different things are located, you can always come back and view this article. Good luck!